Forget What You Heard (about spoken word) is a performance poetry night, usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Ryan’s Bar, Stoke Newington.

Matt & Rik

Hosted by Matt Cummins & Rikki ‘RikTheMost’ Livermore, Forget What You Heard is all about showcasing the vibrancy of the thriving UK spoken word scene, creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone from brand new poets to seasoned pros can share the same stage, and making sure that EVERYONE leaves smiling!

We’re also interested in providing a platform to help our community share their work, so we produce a monthly podcast featuring highlights from our feature poets and open micers. You can find links to subscribe to it on the side-bar, or the episodes themselves on the front page.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, we’re at matt@forgetwhatyouheard.co.uk and rik@forgetwhatyouheard.co.uk, or you can find us through Facebook if you’re so inclined – just click the Facebook group link in the side-bar!



Forget What You Heard started in December 2012 as a one-off, somewhat hastily thrown together event, the culmination of innumerable late-night conversations between Matt Cummins & Stephanie Dogfoot, spurred on by the London visit of their good friend (and exceptional poet) Sophia Walker.


Following the success of the first night, Matt & Steph felt like it’d be rude to not do another, and so the monthly night was born! With the help of their friends, poet and non-poet alike, the two slowly but surely found their hosting legs, and the Forget stage was graced by brilliant features and breathtakingly talented open micers.

In August 2013, Forget What You Heard took a road trip to do their thing on the Edinburgh Free Fringe, with their gratis nightly shindig showcasing some of the finest spoken word artists of the festival, alongside the talents of the many gifted performers that filled the open mic each night.

Come October 2013, the monthly night was going strong, but Steph unfortunately had to return to her native stomping ground of Singapore after finishing her degree. With a bitter-sweet but beautiful feature set, Stephanie handed her half of the helm over to Rikki ‘RikTheMost’ Livermore.

Since then, Forget What You Heard has continued to build a wonderful community of warm, welcoming people, as quick to listen respectfully as they are to cheer raucously in appreciation.